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Permanent Hair Removal in a Private Comfortable Setting

Appearance plays an important role in today's high stress society. Permanent removal of undesirable hair can improve appearance and save time and energy otherwise spent in a frustrating and unending cycle of hair removal and re-growth.

Electrolysis is chosen by many for convenience and comfort: imagine never having to remove hair from the underarms or bikini line and never having to put up with those irritations. It isn't just women - some men choose shaping of the beard, outright removal or even removal or thining of excess chest or back hair.

Electrolysis is the way to achieve permanent removal of hair almost anywhere.

Excess Hair: The Problem

Excess hair can be a frustrating and emotional problem. Superfluous hair growth anywhere, but especially on the face is considered undesirable. Many people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on cosmetic or temporary solutions to take care of this problem. These temporary solutions become a lifelong routine that keep taking: our money, taking our time, while never addressing the root cause. These over the counter remedies for undesirable hair removal are only temporary, and may make the problem worse over time.

Electrolysis: The Solution

Electrolysis addresses the cause of hair growth. Over-the-counter temporary methods do not. Another consideration is temporary methods such as waxing, tweezing, and depilatories, may damage your skin over time.

  • Electrolysis weakens, and eventually destroys the source of hair growth. The dermal papilla is the area at the base of the follicle where the hair germ cells responsible for hair growth are located and receives its blood supply. Electrolysis works on these tiny clusters of cells at the root of each hair. Once this area is destroyed, no further hair growth from the follicle is possible

Tina Martin is a Registered Electrologist and has been practicing in Massachusetts since 1995. The office is located in Suite 16 at 300B West Main St. in Northborough With over 15 years of Electrology experience she provides an expert technique in all applications. And starting in October of 2009, Tina is now a Licensed Aesthetician.


Since 2009, our practice has offered facial and skin care services. Don't overlook the importance of keeping your skin clean and healthy Just like with brushing our teeth every day, we still need to go to the dentist for periodic cleanings to remove the plaque our toothbrushes leave behind So even though the skin is cleansed every day, there is still dirt and oil clogging the pores of the skin that needs to be removed by a trained proffesional An array of facial services including basic facials, aromatherapy facials, back facials, and 4 layer facials are available.

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To schedule an appointment, call (508) 393-8181 Day and evening appointments on Wednesdays are available.

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